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find_or_create with Ecto

The Ecto library in Elixir apparently does not have a native find_or_create method comparable to Activerecord as of the time of this writing. However, here is a nifty method you can drop into one of your Ecto models to achieve

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Locking Records with Elixir’s Ecto

As a followup to a previous post about locking records with transactions, I’m now going to show how it’s done with Elixir, and specifically the Ecto library (comparable to ActiveRecord). Instead of using: Ecto asks you to pass the specific

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Headless browsers and proxy authentication

For my most recent gig, I’ve been trying to drive Firefox headlessly using Selenium and a pretty excellent Elixir library called Hound. One of the tasks I needed to accomplish was to connect to sites through a proxy server that

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