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Ecto Composable Queries

For a while, I wondered how it was possible to prepare a query in Ecto that involves a join, then pass that query on and add a condition based on that join. The above example will look for the name

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Phoenix Framework – Setting an associated ID back to nil using a form

When using a Phoenix Framework form, I had a select box on my page which had an option to set a belongs_to value to nil. The form would usually send the ID, but when the nil value is selected, it

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Ecto DateTime arithmetic

Working with timestamps in Elixir is still very much a point of contention within the community. There is a pretty robust library emerging called Timex, but it is not now part of the core of Elixir or Phoenix. I think

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Sample Phoenix Framework Controller

Hi all! Happy New Year. I’ve been playing around recently with the Phoenix Framework quite a lot. While I was learning it, I found myself wishing that a full-fledged example of a traditional MVC controller existed out there. I found

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Locking Records with Elixir’s Ecto

As a followup to a previous post about locking records with transactions, I’m now going to show how it’s done with Elixir, and specifically the Ecto library (comparable to ActiveRecord). Instead of using: Ecto asks you to pass the specific

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