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The great Vision Quest of 2016

Occasionally one starts to feel stagnant in a world of ever-faster-evolving technologies. More and more sites seem to be adopting transpiled Javascript frameworks, and thus it’s time to start hitting some education. I’ve chosen React, as that’s what seems to

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Ecto and tricky joined tables

Elixir’s Ecto framework has a lot of quirks. For the first time, I wanted to try to sort on a table that I joined up to another table using a LEFT JOIN. Furthermore, these fields are in a JS Datatable,

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Ecto EXISTS clauses with stuff in ’em

I have always loved the EXISTS() clause in PostgreSQL. It’s a super-convenient way of finding records that have associated records in another table without actually joining that table into your main query. Great for when you’re only interested as to

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Selenium Grid Status as JSON

Oy, modern developers want things packaged so nicely for them. I’ve become one of them over the last few years. Which is why I was surprised to see that Selenium Grid, which has a bunch of other API calls, doesn’t

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Go on, Emp.ex!

Had a great time attending the first ever Empire City Elixir Conference today. It’s really awesome to see how excited people are about a new language – the momentum is palpable and I truly believe this is where most heavy

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Easy-peasy major PostgreSQL version upgrade for Mac

The thought of doing a major version upgrade in PostgreSQL (in this case, 9.4.5_2 to 9.5.3), always gives me the heebie-jeebies. It could be that a couple years ago, when we finally got our 9.1 database at my startup out

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find_or_create with Ecto

The Ecto library in Elixir apparently does not have a native find_or_create method comparable to Activerecord as of the time of this writing. However, here is a nifty method you can drop into one of your Ecto models to achieve

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Headless browsers and proxy authentication

For my most recent gig, I’ve been trying to drive Firefox headlessly using Selenium and a pretty excellent Elixir library called Hound. One of the tasks I needed to accomplish was to connect to sites through a proxy server that

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Closure Tree hierarchy counting

We use a nifty gem called Closure Tree in our Rails app to manage our application’s file manager hierarchy. It stores the entire hierarchy in a separate table so you don’t have to traverse the parent IDs recursively every time

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Recently got roped into a side project for an old colleague and building something in Elixir using the Phoenix Framework. I’ve been using object-oriented (or somewhat OO languages like Perl) for the last 15+ years, so working with Elixir and

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