About “The Wolf”

Don is an NYC-based web developer who’s been making sites since the late nineties. He has earned the moniker “The Wolf” from his coworkers after gaining a reputation for solving difficult problems quickly, “Pulp Fiction” style.

His latest gig involves building a massively concurrent web application in Elixir using the Phoenix Framework. He is excited about this fledgling language and its future.

He’s done Ruby on Rails development on the BuildingBlok product for The Blue Book Building & Construction Network and Ticket Evolution.

He’s also worked for Information Resources, Inc. (IRI).

Don started out with Perl, had a love affair with Java, appreciated the simplicity of PHP, and worked with Ruby on Rails for four years. He is now branching into the fledgling language of Elixir and it’s Phoenix Framework. He’s also a database junkie and loves PostgreSQL.

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